Twilight or night Panos - $150

Point of Interest Photos - Add-on Service - Includes full usage rights to photos.

Point of Interest photos are any photos of your business that will help inform potential customers of what you do or sell (see samples of these HERE).

  • Storefront (wide angle view of the entire front of the business including the entrance and the business name/sign)
  • Close-up of business name and/or logo
  • Wide angle shot(s) from a doorway looking into the business.
  • Merchandise
  • Close-up of business card
  • Attractive features (products, table settings in restaurants, and/or business decor, etc)
  • Menu items 
  • Endorsements / Awards

POI Pricing

  • $50 per photo
  • Set of 5 POIs - $150
  • Twilight Exterior shot - $350
  • Twilight interior with supplemental lighting - $350


Corporate or Employee Headshots

This is an add-on service we offer and NOT part of the GSVB program.  Subject must be camera ready at the time of the GSBV shoot.  Photos will be taken on location using available lighting.  The shoot will take a maximum of 10 minutes and you will receive up to 5 photos selected by the photographer, which will be emailed to you after the shoot.  You will select your favorite, which will be fully retouched and emailed directly to you.  Full, studio lit, location corporate headshots are available for an additional fee.   Call for details.

  • Cost is $150 for the first headshot.
  • $100 for each additional headshot.


Military-Owned Business Discount

John Riedy Photography is proud to honor our men and women in uniform.  We would like to extend a 20% discount to any business owned by current or former military.  Please mention your military status when booking your shoot.

Note *: Must be paid at time of shoot.