My Philosophy

I've shot headshots on and off, both in LA and in San Diego, over the past 25 years.  I've seen many different trends and fads come and go over the years, but there are a few constants that remain and will until human actors are finally replaced by our computer overlords...1. Lighting matters.  Great lighting can't MAKE a headshot by itself (it's ultimately up to you, the actor), but bad lighting can ABSOLUTELY break a headshot.  2. The eyes, the eyes, the eyes!  Shakespeare once said the eyes are the window to the soul.  It's the truth.  They are the first thing the casting director will look at and they had better be SHARP!  Nothing kills a headshot faster than out of focus eyes.  That, and over retouched eyes!  I can't stand that demonic look where the whites are way over retouched.  Over-retouching in general is a major no-no for me.  You had better look like your headshot when you show up at an audition! 3. The background.  Too often I see backgrounds that steal the show.  We all love a beautiful background, but let's remember, these are not portraits, these are headshots and they are selling you.  As such, I firmly believe that simple is better.  White or gray will allow the shot to be all about you, the actor.

Another big benefit of shooting headshots in a studio setting is comfort and control.  It's about 20 steps from your car to where you'll be shooting and the temperature will ALWAYS be a comfortable 72 degrees (or so) so your makeup won't melt.  No wind, no hiking to that perfect spot.  No super bright squinty locations. No rain.  No spectators.  Clean bathroom and changing room at your disposal.  Big well lit mirrors.  That's all comfort.  And control...with studio lights, I can control every aspect of the light that defines your face.  Want dramatic light? No problem.  Soft flattering light?  No problem.  It'll all be waiting for you from the moment you get here.



The Details


  • Actors 18 and over - $350 for up to four looks. Includes four retouched hi-res files. Additional hi-res files $30 each.  Lightly retouched web-only files (1500 pixels) are $10 each.
    • Each additional look is $50 and includes one additional file.  
  • Youth actors 12-17 - $300 for up to three looks.  Includes three retouched hi-res files.  Additional hi-res files $30 each. Lightly retouched web-only files (1500 pixels) are $10 each.
    • Each additional look is $50 and includes one additional file.  
  • Child actors 11 and under - $250 for two looks and two retouched hi-res files. Additional hi-res files $30. Lightly retouched web-only files (1500 pixels) are $10 each.
    • Each additional look is $25 and includes one additional file.


  • Color and exposure corrected proofs will be presented in a private online gallery that you can share with your agent, within 24 hours of your shoot (in most cases).  The gallery is online for 90 days.

Image Delivery

  • Retouched images will be delivered via email or Dropbox.  With each high res image, you will also receive a 1500 pixel low res version for web submission and, upon request, an 8x10 formatted, print ready jpeg with your name on it.


Hair and Makeup

  • I can provide a hair and makeup person upon request.  HOWEVER, as I mentioned above, I think it is critical that the person who shows up at an audition looks vaguely, if not exactly, like the person in the photos.  

Payment and refunds

  • Payment via credit card, PayPal, cash or check is required upon completion of the shoot.  If you purchase additional images after the fact, the payment is required before the images are delivered.
  • Refunds are only given if there is a technical problem (images out of focus, under exposed, etc.) not if you had a bad hair day or you just weren't feeling it that day.  Photos are subjective and open to artistic interpretation.  If you like what you see in my portfolio, you're going to love your photos.  Trust me, we're going to kill it together!


  • Before you book me, look through my portfolio.  My photos have a definite style and look that you may or may not like.  I don't always center people.  I shoot some horizontal some vertical.  I might cut your head off (gasp!), but trust me, people know it's still there!  I take risks in my framing, both in composition and lighting.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not.  This is a process and it's all designed to create the best possible representation of you that will get you noticed by the casting director.

Cancellation and rescheduling

  • I will do my best to work with you to find a new slot for your shoot.  Please respect my time and I will respect yours.


  • I don't advertise.  I believe word of mouth is the best and only form of advertising.  As such, clients who send me a new actor client are entitled to a $50 credit toward their next shoot.  Clients who send me a new agent/agency that puts me on their referral list are entitled to a $300 credit toward their next shoot!  Spread the word!!!